CEA Research Centers and Labs

The College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) houses over 30 research labs and centers, many of which are in partnership with government or industry and involve large-scale research that directly impacts our nation.  Our researchers collaborate with researchers in a variety of disciplines from across Howard University as well as other leading U.S. and international research institutions. A leading factor in the specialization of our researchers is how the research will improve the quality of life for underserved communities. 

Our most prominent research centers and labs include the Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Science and Cybersecurity Center, Howard University Transportation Research Center, Affective Biometrics Laboratory, Howard University Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory, Biofilm Engineering and Drug Discovery (BEDD) Laboratory, Applied Mechanics and Materials Research Laboratory (AMMRL), the Digital Manufacturing Laboratory (DML), and the Stout Infrastructure, Geotechnics and Materials (SIGMa) Laboratory. 


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