Howard University provides the resources needed to ensure the ultimate student experience.

Visit the CEA Office of Student Services to:

  • Report course scheduling conflicts
  • Get help with registration errors
  • Get information on college academic support programs
  • Discuss special registration challenges
  • Find out about internships, career opportunities, and inviting a company to campus
  • Find out about CEA Scholarship Opportunities
  • Reserve an event space
  • Report problems with building access
  • Get CEA graduation application and information

Visit your faculty advisor/academic department to:

  • Select and approve courses
  • Register for classes
  • Get your PIN (Rising seniors/seniors)
  • Get advice on career options
  • Ask grade-related questions
  • Request transfer credit for a course in your major (use Transfer Course Petition)
  • Be considered for readmission after suspension (use Reinstatement Petition)
  • Change my major within CEA (use Change of Major Form)
  • Find out about research opportunities
  • Schedule a class room in LKD or Mackey (faculty advisors should submit requests)

Visit the Administration Building to:

Visit the Howard University website to:

See a representative from the CEA Student Council to:

  • Get information on peer mentoring
  • Report a CEA student experience concern