Guide to Graduation

Spring 2024 Graduation Process

There are several actions you must take as part of the Spring 2024 graduation process: 

  1. Complete the CEA Graduation Application. The CEA Graduation Application is available now through March 29, 2024. You must submit the CEA Graduation Application and receive an approval notification from the CEA Office of Student Services (OSS) before you can advance to the next step. Access the CEA Graduation Application (via MS Forms).
  2. Complete the University’s Graduation Application via Bison Web. Access instructions to apply for graduation via Bison Web. The University’s Graduation Application is available now through April 12, 2024. Be sure the information you provide on the University’s Graduation Application is consistent with the information you provide on the CEA Graduation Application. (Please note you will be unable to access the University's Graduation Application until you have been cleared by CEA OSS.)

Completion and approval of the CEA Graduation Application and the University’s Graduation Application will get your name added to the official prospective graduate list for Spring 2024. The prospective graduate list will be shared with department chairs, program directors, and academic advisors to initiate the academic clearance process. 

  1. Meet with your academic advisor. Meet with your academic advisor ASAP to review your academic record and prepare your check sheet to ensure you are on track to receive academic clearance by the end of the Spring 2024 semester. Prospective graduates must satisfy all degree and other academic requirements, including completion of required coursework, minimum cumulative (2.0) and major (2.0) GPAs, and maximum number of credits of “D” grades (no more than 1/6 of the total credit hours required in the academic scheme for your degree program), to receive academic clearance. 

Your check sheet will be presented to the faculty in your department, and the faculty will vote to academically clear you to receive your degree. 

  1. Obtain financial clearance.  You must be cleared of all financial obligations to the University before you can receive your diploma. Financial obligations include tuition and fee balances, graduation fee, outstanding library, residence life, parking fees, and financial aid exit interview. Additionally, you are expected to return borrowed equipment, including laptops issued by your department. Contact the Office of the Bursar ( to settle your account. 

The Office of the Bursar will provide the CEA Office of Student Services with a list of prospective graduates who have satisfied their financial obligations to the University. 

  1. Finish Strong! Commit to being your most disciplined self, studying and earning outstanding grades. 
  1. Get ready for Commencement and the CEA Awards and Recognition Ceremony in May 2024! You must be academically and financially cleared to participate in Commencement and the CEA Awards and Recognition Ceremony. To ensure your name is printed in the CEA graduation program booklet, be sure to submit the University’s Graduation Application by April 12, 2024. Commencement is scheduled for Saturday, May 11, and traditionally, the CEA Awards and Recognition Ceremony is held the Friday before Commencement. More details to come once dates, times, and locations become official. 

CEA Graduation Application