CEA DOW-SURE Students Attend 2022 AIChE Annual Student Conference

CEA Dow-SURE scholars at the 2022 AIChE student conference in November

Howard University College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) DOW-SURE scholars Olabisi Bello, Guerodye Joseph, Treylin Lewis, Marie-Chantal Nyirahategekimana and Ololade Oriowo, attended the 2022 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Student Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

The AIChE Annual Student Conference hosts engineering students from more than 200 schools during four days of networking – through social events, engineering competitions, and recruiting fairs. AIChE leaders and industry professionals were also in attendance at the 2022 conference which took place in-person in November 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our scholars Bello, Nyirahategekimana and Oriowo presented their research to conference attendees.

Bello is a member of the Biofilm Engineering and Drug Discovery Laboratory led by Patrick Ymele-Leki, Ph.D., associate professor of chemical engineering and interim chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering. She presented her research project, Viability and Growth of Secondary Cultures of Shewanella Oneidensis MR-1 in Tryptic Soy Broth and Glucose-Based Minimal Media.

Nyirahategekimana, who is a member of the Biomolecular Assemblies and Nanomechanics Laboratory led by Preethi Chandran, Ph.D., associate professor of chemical engineering, presented her research project, Dynamic Light Scattering Evaluation of the Effect of pH on Porcine Gastric Mucin III. 

A member of the Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory research group, led by Solmaz Tabtabaei, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemical engineering, Oriowo presented her research project, Investigating the Separation Behavior of Plant Protein in Mixtures with Other Compounds Via a Tribo-Electrostatic Technique.

The Dow Scholars Undergraduate Research (SURE) Program at Howard University is a partnership with Dow to further enhance the on-campus undergraduate research experience of students from the College of Engineering and Architecture and the College of Arts and Sciences. It also provides CEA DOW-SURE scholars with mentorship from industrial professionals and professional development activities. Additionally, the program aims to increase the number of Black and African American students who enroll in doctoral programs in STEM and work in industry. For further information about the program, please contact Dr.Ymele-Leki.



Marie-Chantal NyirahategekimanaOlabisi BelloOlolade Oriowo, Guerodye Joseph, and Treylin Lewis


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