CEA Faculty Ranked in Top Two Percent of Stanford University Study

Stanford study CEA researchers

Stanford University ranked several Howard University faculty members in a Fall 2020 study listing the top two percent of scientists in the world for research citations. Six of the Howard University faculty members listed are College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) faculty.

In the career-long impact category, Stanford University listed CEA faculty members Achille Messac, Ph.D., former dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture and professor of mechanical engineering, James Momoh, Ph.D., professor of electrical engineering and director of the Howard University Center for Energy Systems and Control, Danda Rawat, Ph.D., professor of computer science and director of Howard University’s Data Science & Cybersecurity Center, Ahmed Rubaai, Ph.D., professor of electrical engineering and chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Nadir Yilmaz, Ph.D., professor of mechanical engineering and chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Hassan Salmani, Ph.D., associate professor of computer engineering, was listed in the single-year impact category for 2019.

The Stanford University study included approximately seven million scientists in 22 major fields including chemistry, engineering, economics, business, and 176 subdisciplines. This study analyzed data from 1996 through 2019 and was released in October 2020 in PLOS Biology. The top two percent list includes approximately 160,000 researchers from 149 countries.

Several different metrics were combined by John Ioannidis, Ph.D., professor of medicine, of epidemiology and population health, of statistics, and of biomedical data at Stanford University, to systematically rank the most influential scientists by scientific field measured by research citations. In this study two of our faculty members ranked high in their respective fields. Dr. Messac ranked number 59 in the world in the field of aerospace and aeronautics and Dr. Rubaai ranked number 702 in the field of electrical and electronic engineering.

(Pictured: [clockwise] Achille Messac, Ph.D., James Momoh, Ph.D., Danda Rawat, Ph.D., Ahmed Rubaai, Ph.D., Hassan Salmani, Ph.D., and Nadir Yilmaz, Ph.D.)


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