Seniors Respond to COVID

Senior mask design

Mechanical Engineering Seniors Melissa Douglas, Jibri Wright, Alli Ashby, and Brad LeBlanc designed masks in response to the current global crisis and shortage of personal protective equipment. The designs are printable substitutes for traditional protective masks that help prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Douglas’ design would be 3-D printed as a solid piece using medical clear material, which is a rigid material designed for prolonged skin contact with medically approved uses. The design also includes a screw-on cap to fit.


mask design mask design mask design



Inspired by the Borderlands video game, Wright designed a mask with two filters on each side that have porous spacing as well as an additional plastic barrier, allowing for greater air flow. The main mask components can be 3-D printed from traditional ABS plastic, and the remaining components can be made from commonly sold items such as cotton filling.


mask design mask design



Ashby’s design is based on the standard N95 mask (95% efficiency); however, because this design allows for a replaceable air filter, the mask will be compatible with a N100 filter (99.97% efficiency). This mask design has two identical air holes, allowing for proper ventilation. It includes three caps, two caps with holes and one cap without. When filters are readily accessible, users will be able to place two filters in the mask. However, if filters are scarce, users can place the cap without holes on one side of the mask, and the cap with holes (along with a filter) on the other side.


mask design


LeBlanc’s design uses fabric for all mask components, including the filter.


mask design


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