The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at Howard University offers a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree program and a Doctor of Philosophy. Areas of specialization in both undergraduate and graduate study include the sub-disciplines of environmental and water resources engineering, structural and earthquake engineering, transportation engineering, and geotechnical engineering.

These are opportune times to study civil and environmental engineering. As our nation's infrastructure is aging, civil engineers are being called upon to address the grand challenges of restoring, protecting, and improving our nation's infrastructure with a keen eye on sustainable green design.

At Howard University, faculty and students are involved in interdisciplinary and applied research involving collaborations with departments both internal and external to the university, and have made distinct paths in research and education within our field.

We educate leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, researchers and professionals with an international awareness. Over the years, our alumni have continued to make strong impacts in our profession and on society. Howard University's location in Washington, D.C. affords students with unique opportunities to interact with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, local contractors, companies and industrial affiliates.